Food Safety and Efficiency Starts with a Solid Foundation 

Regardless of your company’s size or stage of development, it’s never too early to lay a solid foundation.  Concerntrak’s most recognizable service is automation systems for food safety monitoring and traceability. But it’s not necessarily our starting point with every business.

Prepare for Future Growth

Whatever automated or paper-based system you choose, it’s never too early to plan for the next stage.  Every small company dreams of the day when they finally land that big account – the one that will put their name on the map. Make sure your business is ready for that big day.

The absence of a solid food safety plan and process protocol may disqualify you from doing business with larger customers.  Having your ducks in a row will give you a competitive advantage over other small companies vying for that large account.  And being prepared in advance will set the stage for your success during the next leg of your company’s expansion.

Concerntrak can provide useful tools to streamline your business without full automation.  For example, recording your recipes in a standardized and easily up-loadable format would have two major advantages.  One, it helps you organize your business protocols and recipes now and two, it will make future automation easier and quicker.

Save Money Today

Developing and implementing solid protocols now can save you money today.  It keeps batches consistent, develops timely ordering processes to eliminate waste and helps manage your staffing to match production needs.

Whatever your size or stage of growth, Concerntrak has expertise in process planning and food safety that can save you money now and lay a solid foundation for the future growth of your business.

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